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Why King James?

Scripture Plus Melody Equals Songs of Scripture

These songs of scripture are beautiful word-for-word song renditions of long King James Version Bible passages. Music added to long passages of Scripture makes memorization feasible. Our primary goal is to provide an ever increasing cache of word-for-word Scripture songs that are:

  • From long passages and books of the Bible
  • Beautiful, pure, simple, and orderly
  • Suitable for both memorization and edification purposes

If you are looking for an enjoyable way to permanently tuck away chunks of Scripture into your spirit and mind, you have come to the right place. This site details...

  • The powerful impact that music has on the mind
  • The importance of melody feeding the spirit
  • The faith-building effect of believing and meditating on the Scriptures

...as well as the history of Songs of Scripture, and various memory testimonies from aroundthe world.

We have also just produced our first CD, which covers Romans 6-8 word for word from the King James Scriptures. You can check out song samples, or purchase it from this site. Enjoy the scripture songs!

The People Behind the Scripture Music at Songs of Scripture
Learn about the people behind the scripture music at Songs of Scripture

Contact Us
Contact us here at Songs of Scripture with your questions or comments.

Romans 6-8 Scripture Songs Samples
Hear these sound samples of word for word, King James Version scripture songs to Romans 6-8

Hebrews Scripture Songs Project Samples
The Hebrews Scripture Songs project was launched in Chiapas, Mexico, in the summer of 2008. Here is a brief synopsis of what we accomplished, with sound samples.

Book of Hebrews scripture songs project, KJV
In the summer of 2008, we embarked on our most ambitious project to date, Hebrews scripture songs, the entire book of Hebrews to music, King James Version.

Spanish scripture songs CD De Muerte a Vida
De Muerte A Vida, a Spanish Scripture Songs CD with 19 songs, is a great evangelization tool. Here are some samples of the music...

Purchase Songs of Scripture Romans 6-8 CD
Songs of Scripture CD of word for word music to Romans 6-8 from the King James Version!

Songs of Scripture Sheet Music
Purchase Songs of Scripture sheet music in PDF file format. A great way to memorize scripture!

Christian Memory Biographies
A compilation of memory biographies highlighting some of the educational experiences of great Christian men and women

Music and Memory Go Hand In Glove
Music and memory help each other out to achieve phenomenal results!

Brother Yun's Story
A brief overview of Brother Yun's life and witness, taken from the book, The Heavenly Man

Fanny Crosby: Her Early Education Experience
Fanny Crosby was taught by her Grandmother and Mrs. Hawley to know and love the Scriptures from an early age. She later drew on her early educational experiences to write marvelous gospel hymns.

My Scripture Memory Story
The power of music to aid Scripture memory has been played out in my own life.

Why memorize from the King James Version?
Three reasons why I write memory scripture songs from the King James Version.

Guitartist Alicia Carman
Guitarist Alicia Carman writes: My father always wanted to play guitar, and he thought that taking lessons with me would be a good way to do it...

Scripture Memory Songs Testimonials
These people have had great success, and fun, learning my Scripture memory songs.

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